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Gray War App

Player Information

Name: Zully Quirke
Contact: zullyquirke@gmail.com
Characters: [If you currently play no characters at Gray War, disregard.]

Character Information

Name: Captain Jack Harkness
Journal Name: capn_jack_h
Fandom / Series: Torchwood
From When: The end of the Children of the Earth miniseries, before the currently running Starz series.

Function: Command or soldier, since he's actually been both through a couple of different wars.

Preferred Side: Militant. Jack's a military man at heart, though he may end up switching sides before all's said and done.

Abilities / Powers: Jack's very smart and pretty old-- hundreds of years now, thanks to a screw-up with the TARDIS back when he was traveling with the Doctor. He's got years of experience and knowledge at his back which is why he has a great deal of proficiencies. He's fought in a lot of wars and has a lot of experiential military knowledge. Insofar as powers go, his only real ability is his inability to die. Or rather he dies and comes back to life, something that doesn't seem to have much of an affect here since it's what ordinarily happens anyway. However, this has robbed him of his fear of death. He's not afraid to throw himself off of a cliff to save someone else-- he'll be coming back, after all.

Personality: Historically, Jack was a jovial, flirtatious man who was all about having a good time. He'd flirt with (and sometimes eventually SLEEP with) almost anyone or anything willing, and was always up for a night on the town. He loved meeting new people, was incredibly social, and though ultimately looking out for number one, the few people he'd genuinely befriend were people he'd do anything for.

To a degree that's still true. Living hundreds of years, surviving wars, watching everyone he loves die slowly and with the knowledge that he'll always outlive everyone he cares for has added a shadow to his personality, a jadedness that makes him wary of letting anyone in too close.

Jack is the kind of man who will absolutely make the tough decisions when he has to. If he has to sacrifice something or someone he cares deeply about for the greater good, he will. Whereas before he was all about having a good time, the years have hardened him. He knows life is full of tough choices that someone has to make, and it might as well be him.

In very rough description, he's a light fluffy outside with a hard, bitter inside. He'll still laugh and flirt and enjoy what aspects of life he can. He knows life is short and the joys you get out of them can be unfortunately fleeting, so he's still determined to enjoy as much of them as he can. But something holds him back from experiencing it all completely; he's afraid of watching someone he loves die again, grow old again, or otherwise break his heart. Though really it's not that difficult for friends and the like to worm their way in, usually just by sticking around long enough to. But being Jack's friend doesn't guard you from being a sacrificial lamb if Jack thinks it'd be for the better of everyone else.

Above all he's a military man, a soldier. He fights for the greater good of humanity, and he'll do whatever it takes to see that it's preserved.

History: http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Jack_Harkness

Sample Journal Entry: You know, it's been a long time since I've been kidnapped, warped through space and dumped somewhere hostile and alienating. Boy, how I've missed it. Amazingly enough that isn't even sarcastic. You just don't meet friendly, adventuresome and nasally-endowed kidnappers anymore.

So! Lovely to meet all of you people, a shame I won't be staying long. Given how I got here and the generally time-y feeling of it all I'm guessing there's someone named the Doctor around? If not, hey, I guess that makes this little adventure all the more interesting.

I don't suppose anyone has a space ship on them, huh? No? It was worth a shot.

Sample RP: It was over. He'd lost everything, and it was over. His entire team was dead except Gwen, and with Rhys and the baby on the way-- he couldn't lose her, too. It was best to keep her away from it all, let her at least have a normal life. Maybe he'd pop in from time to time, check in on the two of them and see how their babies (he was sure there'd be more) were doing.

But not now. Now he had to get out of here, he had to leave. After Ianto--

He had to stop that thought right where it was, because he was already swallowing back another round of tears. He'd lost so much in such a short period of time. Ianto, Steven-- he couldn't blame Alice for never wanting to see him again. Not after what he'd done to Steven. His own grandson. If he could go back and do it all again, he'd do it the exact same way. And that was probably what burned the most. Half the time he thought he was losing touch with humanity, and the other half was convinced he was only just understanding it for the first time.

Looking out over the Welsh countryside one last time, he tried to focus on everything he loved about this planet. It's diversity, it's complications, the zest for life that made humanity survive over and over despite impossible odds. It's food. He smiled a little as he recalled the number of times he and his team had ordered in pizza or Chinese, staying up late at night to work a case or sometimes just to spend time with each other. Most of them had been loners by nature. They were the closest thing to family they had. Then Ianto would bring in coffee and tea, and--

No. Jack swallowed hard, turning from the rolling green hills, beautiful even in the dim light of the nightscape. He was done. Every life he'd touched here was all the worse off for it. He needed to go, get away for awhile. Figure out what to do with himself next. He'd lived here too long.

He closed his eyes, and let the ship take him.

[Filtered to Wardens]

Two things. One, I'd like to talk to anyone who's handled Elle in the past, if you've got the time. I've already gone over her file.

Second... the riot was bad. A lot of innocent people got hurt, but-- I chatted with West. He had some good points. I'd like to know what the rest of the Wardens think.

Jul. 2nd, 2009

So, Elle. Looks like I got an inmate with a reputation.

[Private to the Admiral]

I was just wondering.

You said you saw everything, right? And you intervened here to keep the Inmates from going out of control. So if you've been watching this entire time, why didn't you intervene any of the other times when the Inmates did go seriously out of control? Like when Tony couldn't control Elle and she ended up torturing Libby and hurting others?

Why would you allow things like that and punish neither of them?

02 >>

Aaah, floods. I remember the one where we were all black and white and thought we lived in a fifties movie. Good times. Right Billy and West?

It's nice getting my bearings here. Familiar place, familiar faces.. and I hear some congratulations are in order for a few of my friends. It's nice to see you all again.

How about my old charge, Testy? How're you holding up?

[Private to Wardens]

Anyone want to give me a heads up on how things are going with Inmate/Warden relations? Considering last time I was here the Master managed to take over the barge, I'd like a quick update on how things stand now if you don't mind.

01 >> (Re) Arrival

Well. I can honestly say I didn't expect to be back here again. And here I thought me being sent back meant I'd done good enough. Apparently not. Hopefully we've still at least got regenerating food around here because if even half the people from before are still here we'll need it to prevent a complete and total freakout.

So I guess this is the part where I introduce myself again. Captain Jack Harkness, at your service. How many familiar faces are still around here? I miss anything good?


For once I'm kind of enjoying this state of boredom. Definitely an improvement given how this place tends to operate. How's everyone holding up?

[Private to Testament]

Soooooo, Testy! Long time no chat. What do you say we have a little bonding time, man to skirt wearing man? I've got something important to talk to you about.


[Fail lock to Testament]

Hey, you doing alright, Testy? Things are getting pretty weird around here, thought I'd see how it's going on your end.

[Fail lock to Wardens]

Alright, so what the hell is going on here? The locks are gone, and with a streak of homicides and torture sessions being the "in" fad these days, color me worried.
So! How's the Wardening going, guys? I think me and my new charge are getting along well.

Also, people here should be more careful with guns. And maybe keep a closer eye on their Inmates? Seems like the Wardening could use a little tightening up around her.e

[Private to Testament]

Hey, Testy! Have a minute?


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